A Room of One's Own.

Before we begin let me state that none of the pictures have been edited as I wouldn’t want to mislead you when it comes to the actual colours of products featured. 

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And so with the first room of the house complete bar a new light fitting, I thought it best to share on here especially since when I share the set up on Instagram stories, I get a lot of messages. First of all,

I’m no interior designer but I buy home style magazines all the time. I know what I like and what I don’t. Papa B is the same and we seem to make some headway from that starting point. 

We knew that the colour that is coined as ‘rental beige’ (which I actually find offensive but that’s for another post) was the first thing that had to go. After years of being surrounded by beige or white, (apart from that one time I painted Esmè’s nursery pink) we both felt it was time to try something different. 


Armed with nothing but magazine cutouts it was clear that we were both drawn to the darker colour schemes. There was something about them which we assumed would make the space cosy. With an open fireplace, two windows and a side door, the space can feel a little chilly. Especially in winter and the light wall colour didn’t help. I kept coming across a colour which we soon came to find out was Farrow and Ball’s Hague Blue, so deep it’s almost navy in some lighting situations, it evoked a sense of regal-ness we were both looking for.

Having worked with F&B paint before, I knew that it would be no easy task. After some enquiring we came to find out that we could have it colour matched by Valspar for less than half the price! #GetIn

After two coats, we knew we were in love. The next on the hit list were accessories. Years ago I had purchased a mirror from IKEA and spray painted the frame gold. Word of warning, don’t let me loose with a can of gold spray paint. I’ll spray your cat if you have one! The Hague Blue colour made the mirror P-O-P. So we set about finding gold and mustard pieces. The art work on our walls were all commissioned by some of our favourite ladies on Instagram. I would say that framing work really does take it up a notch and for really not that much money at all. Other than that, I’m a sucker for a second hand shop or salvaging something from a friend to use as a prop. Take the Roberts radio, it doesn’t actually work! But it’s one of my favourite pieces in the room as that Ox Blood colour sat against the wall, just works. 


But having done that, something still wasn’t sitting right, so we changed the rug. Well that was the moment it all went tits up. As right as the rug was, it immediately highlighted how wrong our sofa was. We had purchased our grey IKEA sofa in haste. We had needed a new one, which people could sleep on, ASAP. And we needed it to be cheap. On our old stark white space, the sofa was a delight. But now being kissed by the depth of The Hague Blue walls, it looked like an elephant in a drag race. Although I knew a new sofa wasn’t in our budget, I kept looking anyway. We found a velvet sofa in mustard we really liked and made note to come back to it when we had more spare cash. 

But then like a singing angel, Argos got in touch and offered to gift us one! WAHHHHH?! That was one of the quickest manifestation turn around I ever had! We settled on a gorgeous velvet chesterfield style in teal and two single seaters in a lighter shade. Once they arrived, the entire room just came together. 


We really wanted one of those bar carts that are all the rage right now. But I couldn’t find anything within a price range I deemed as acceptable (£300 for a trolley I know my Nan and all her mates had back in the 70’s? Bruv I am not a dickhead) and whilst eBay has some great second hand ones, I have very little patience for reading reviews so I put that idea to bed pretty quickly. But we knew we wanted to display our impressive gin collection.

One horrendous Saturday whilst in IKEA (do you see a reoccurring theme here?!) we realised we forgot RJ’s baby bag and had to hit foot it to ASDA next door where we stumbled across this bad boy. It’s the perfect mix of modern and classic, with a sexy shape to boot. 

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Lastly when it comes to tech I’m only just starting to make headway. Anything related to the TV is what Papa B usually deals with. I have it on good word that the TV stand is from Argos. #wepaidforit 


Anyway, we’ve now moved onto the bedroom. The aim is to nail down the rooms we spend most of our time in first and then slowly do the more laborious tasks. Whilst I know I don’t usually talk about interiors, let me know if this is your kind of thing and we will keep you updated. 


Candice Brown-Brathwaite