The Future is bright! #AD

When Specsavers announced that they would be holding a very special event at Abbey Road studios, I couldn’t help but squeal. As many may know the studio is home to some of the greatest hits of modern day music and of course the infamous Beatles shot on the zebra crossing just outside the studio. 

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Myself and the other #loveglassess squad members were invited to the launch of  the new Osiris eyewear collection fronted by Gary Barlow. A line of glasses featuring a wide range of designs from the chic and understated to the bold and bright looks which speaks more to my sartorial style. My personal favourites in this range are the red cat eye and the clear ‘grandma’ as I call them but I’m sure most fashionista’s would refer to them as being ‘scandi’ style. 

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After a few delicious canapés (who knew that white chocolate cheesecake tastes even better in smaller portions?) in walks none other than the national treasure himself, Gary Barlow. Serving a double denim look and warm and inviting personality he begun to tell us that whilst his spectacle wearing journey was still in its infancy (he had only been wearing glasses for the past four years) he was shocked to see how far the style choices had come and had really taken to mixing up the style of his glasses to help accentuate his sense of style. 

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Poignantly he shared how more recently his daughter had found out that she needed glasses and he was more than happy to let her run wild in their local Specsavers for an hour and promised they wouldn’t leave until they found a pair she loved. That reminded me of when it became clear that Esme needed glasses. I remember my father saying he cried when he realised his poor eyesight had been passed down to me as I began to wear glasses at three years old. 

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But although of course I would wish that Esme could have 20/20 vision I also delighted in the way I would encourage her to see her glasses as an accessory. Now at five years old, she has over eight pairs and will regularly switch styles to suit her mood. 

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The Osiris range really does encourage us to think outside of the box when it comes to sticking to the colours and shapes we would usually wear. Also not only do they do glasses but sunglasses too! I’m a sucker for a sunnie and have known to wear them in the dead of winter (when the sun is shining of course) just because I love the mysterious vibe that they can convey. These particular Osiris sun glasses are my favourite as they have my beloved cat eye shape and the touches of gold which I just cannot say no to. They are deffo going in the case for our Caribbean holiday next month! 

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If you’re on the hunt for show stopping specs at a great price I have a feeling the new Osiris range will deffo have something you may be looking for.