#AD Celebrate friendship with Birchbox 

Isn’t it funny that when I started to construct this blog post, my immediate thought was ‘well, I don’t have any friends!’ I think we all know that I can be a little dramatic. Sometimes, especially because I work alone I can forget that my friendship set ups are a little bit different. Most people my age that their friendships are rooted in swapping stories at the water cooler and heading out the office door, arm in arm and going for lunch. But I speak to myself most of the day so sometimes it can be hard to remember that I even have any! 


I have so few that I would call friends that I could quite literally count them on one hand. But those I hold in my palm, I hold in very high regard. 

Especially being a black woman, my circle of friends is very important to me. It’s important that I’m able to have open and honest communication and that I know the people I call friends will raise me up when I can’t see the woods from the trees and also give me a soft dragging if I get too ahead of myself. 

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My friends are now more than just emotional touchstones they are business advisors and spiritual gurus who are the first that I turn to before I make any major move. As I’ve discussed on this blog before developing these relationships have taken time most especially because I used to have a ‘me against the world’ type of attitude. Now youth and experience aside,  I do truly believe that no man is an island and that if you’re trying to get somewhere fast, sure remain that time anti antagonist who believes that only you know best. But if you’re trying to go far, you have to be able to trust the brilliant people that the universe has put in your life. 


I have to reiterate that I’m not the best friend. I’m really lax at responding to messages or picking up the phone first. And I’ve often found myself in hot water because I’ve incorrectly assumed that the people I care about instinctively know this. So this year I made a point of making one of my resolutions about my friends and not about myself. How can I be a better support to these fabulous women? What harm can it be to just send a bunch of flowers if I know someone is having a bad day? What can I do to show that whilst I may not always be physically present, that I’m always thinking of them and their endeavours? 

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Now we’re six months through the year I often use this time to reflect on the goals and resolutions I set for myself at the beginning of the year. I’m proud to say that I’ve actively been trying to do more for my friends to show them that I care. One way I plan to do this, this month is to share a Birchbox treat with one of my dearest. This month, Birchbox are celebrating friendship and as a way to help you celebrate your bestie with my code CANDICE and you can subscribe to get two boxes!

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As some of you may know, this year I working with Birchbox as part of their Birchbox B team. Birchbox are a beauty box subscription service who send out monthly beauty boxes filled to the brim with some great brands. The boxes are  personalised boxes depending on your beauty profile which you set up when you subscribe - and how when you subscribe with your code you get a mystery box! Once you have found your favourites in your subscription box you can then shop The Birchbox online shop for full size products! For some inspiration to get you started be sure to check out my top picks on my Beauty Profile here.