Bedroom Business.

I’ve been slacking!

I promised I would document the interior changes happening around here. After the living room, we decided to move onto the bedroom as those were the two places we spent most of our time and my word the lack of ‘jooge’ was literally sucking the life out of me. After years of being a rolling stone, I was almost nervous to start doing up our space, especially the bedroom. For a long time, any house we lived in was only ever made somewhat cute for the spaces friends and family would occupy. I’ve only just started to notice what a sad message I was sending to the universe. I deserve a an inviting space too. So this is our first adult bedroom, where we have actually put some effort in. On a budget mind. I really didn’t want to spend more than a grand. Which add the fact that we desperately needed new wardrobes, it was no easy task. We ended up spending £1,500 and you know what I can live with that.

Unlike the living room, we weren’t dead set on a colour palette. We knew that whilst we appreciated the depth of the ‘Hague Blue’ we had used in the living space, it was a little too dark for us to endure in the bedroom. We wanted the space to feel warm and inviting, so that immediately ruled out grey. I love grey but I can also find the colour quite cold and clinical if the accessories in the space aren’t able to warm the room up and I didn’t always want to have the perfect bed spread on. 


I love green and slowly we stared to lean towards a Farrow and Ball colour called ‘Green Smoke’ which we thought would be the best middle ground. It’s important to say that Papa B and I NEVER test the walls before we paint the room, we’re dive right in type of people. Also, I want to say that we never paint the walls with actual F&B (I mean we aren’t Oprah and Steadman…yet!) so instead we have it colour matched by Valsapr for less than half the price and I’ve found their paint to be brilliant.  

But what we saved on paint, we agreed that this time, that cash would be spent on hiring an actual painter. We gravely underestimated how long it would take to do the living room especially whilst having to look after two kids. Although sometimes DIY is the money saving option, it really took away a lot of our time and sometimes that’s what you should pay to retain. And my word, our decorator was so worth it. The room was finished in a couple of hours and all the jagged lines which annoy the hell out of us in the living room were not present in the bedroom - and he didn’t even use frog tape! Imagine that.


Our bed, is actually my first adult bed. My nan bought it for me when I was 18 and at the time it was just shy of £700. Considering the fact that the bed is over ten years old the cost per use is crazy and so I would always encourage people  to ‘splurge’ on solid wood beds where possible. I appreciate that there are a lot of fashion beds out there but I personally don’t think you can beat a bed made out of good wood. Also another thing you shouldn’t skimp on is a mattress. Initially we did and thought we’d struck gold when we procured one for a  £150 from a man with a van. Well, it only took three months for us to be able to feel the springs in ours. Luckily shortly before RJ was born, we were gifted one from Casper and we’ve since had brilliant sleeps, so where you can, try and shop around as there are some really competitive mattress companies around now and I don’t think a good nigh’s sleep is something you should haggle for. 


Now onto these wardrobes! Man, I cannot lie, if we were solely trying to house Papa B’s five shirts, three singlets and one pair of socks this would’ve been a problem we could have sorted ages ago. But even after getting rid of a lot of my clothes, we, ok, I was still pressed for space. What do you do when you have space issues? Head to IKEA of course. After three hours of picking, designing, sprinting to the nearest ASDA to re-buy everything that was in RJ’s changing bag which I forgot at home and then sprinting back -IN THE RAIN, we finally decided against it. I couldn’t tell who was more pissed, me or the poor lady serving us.

Then one day browsing the M&S furniture section - there they were! They spoke to me so loudly (i’m sure the fact they had 30% off helped) that I purchased them immediately. Looking at the picture I thought they would match my dressing table which I got from Wayfair, the matching stool from IKEA and chest of drawers which were purchased from the British Heart Foundation and then painted in F&B ‘Down Pipe’, perfectly. And they did. I also have to say the customer service from M&S was second to none. Included in the price was delivery and construction and the delivery men even turned up with shoe covers #ABOUTTHATLIFE 


I have to add that we did change the wardrobe knobs though. Having recently purchased these lamps from IKEA, I felt as though chrome knobs were not the lick. I sent Papa b off to B&Q and within a few hours it was clear that such a small change, made a big difference. Whilst the wardrobe doesn’t house all of my clothes, I think it’s a great mid term solution. 


Now for the final touches. Whilst I am obsessed with neon lights, I’m not obsessed with the price. I shopped around and in one the many home style magazines I purchase, I came across a company called ‘Lights4Fun’ whose most expensive neon light is £70. Having already purchased an ice cream light for Esme’s room, i knew the quality was bang on, so went ahead and purchased this one for our rooms. Unlike the ice cream one, for some odd reason there is no switch on the actual cord, which is a trifle annoying as it means you have to unplug it from the mains but if you can get past that, it really is worth the money. Both Papa B and I dislike having things above our heads, I mean I literally panic that a mini earthquake will ensure that a picture frame, falls and kills me in my sleep, so we’re still looking for things to ‘jooge’ up the other side the wall. 


One thing that does annoy me is the space which was once an open fire place. It grates me primarily because it’s not dead centre and number two it’s just a bit…dry. Another magazine idea was to fill it with logs and go for that whole ‘faux lumberjack’ look and for about two weeks, it looked great. But then the temperatures dropped and Papa B used the wood for the actual  fireplace in the living room, so yeah, we need to buy more wood! 


Finally this is a recent purchase and the internal despair it caused me is really quite maddening but for some reason after Christmas, I finally went for it. Its by MADE and I could not be happier with it. It’s a lot bigger than i imagined but I think provides the perfect little ‘meditation stool’ or ‘magazine rack’. It’s colour is so rich and adds such a touch of glamour to the space I’m actually toying with the idea of buying a few more but shhhhh, don’t tell Papa B that please. 


And there we have it! It’s not quite finished as one day I would love to have shutters and get rid of the boring blinds and also I want to change all the light fittings but for now, I’m well proud of our baby steps.