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(black) People or Plastic?

For those who continue to, in some warped way, perpetuate the idea that trying to save the environment will do more for the lives of black women than actively campaigning that the NHS take a deeper look into why such an alarmingly high number of them enter the hospital through the maternity doors and exit via the morgue, are very blinkered dare I say it, foolish people. 

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For all the (dark skinned black) girls who think they’re too nice. 

Of course I couldn’t speak about this topic without touching on colourism. At a dinner some time ago, two lighter skinned black women giggled about the men that they perceived to fancy them because of their ‘light skin and light eyes’. There was a perceived ‘I am better than you because I am light skinned’ entwined into the chiming sound of their laughter and  it sat beneath my skin like an irritant. Hastily I snatched up my glass of Prosecco and tried to file their joke away as ignorance but it lingered with me just as it did when teenage boys on the number two bus mocked me every day for being too ‘Blick.’ 

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