From Benefits to Booked and Busy - A long ass guide on how to manifest your desires.

There we both were, my daughter and I walking through the soft rain heading home. Out of what felt like nowhere she asked;

’Mummy are you a really a wizard?’ watching me closely to perhaps see if my body language revealed the truth. 

I had to suppress my smile. That is her father’s nickname for me. 

‘Baby, even If I am, due to Wizard law, I wouldn’t be able to tell you.’ I winked, reaching out from beneath my umbrella to pat her hooded head. 

Little did she know, that I am a wizard. At least I feel that way. 

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And just like that, we are half way through the year. I usually use this point in the year to check in with not only myself but also my goals, both personal and public. At the top of the year I wrote this blog post entitled ‘FIVE STEPS TO MAKE THIS YOUR BEST YEAR YET’. It’s been the most widely read post on this blog and up until this day, readers get in touch to say that the post really resonates. Most recently I’ve been sharing my LOA (Law Of Attraction) journey and how I’ve been really taking things up a notch when it comes to having a positive mindset and in turn, manifestation. And many of you have asked for me to go into more depth in regards to the things I do and the practices I have in place. A little like the last post, I want to be clear that what I’m about to share isn’t for everyone (well it is, but some folk just aren’t ready yet) and that is fine. But for those of us who think we’re ready, It’s still very important to have an open mind. Secondly, I want to drive home the fact that the changes I have made have not been overnight and that working on your mindset and the power of manifestation is much like maintaining your dream body. You have to be in constant communication with yourself in order for the practices to really and truly be activated. Also before we begin I want to be frank in saying that this blog post is explicitly about manifesting wealth and changing financial circumstance. I have used all things mentioned below to help me in other areas of my life but those things are tremendously personal to me and not everything is for public consumption. But let’s be honest one of life’s biggest bugbears is money and the falsehood that their isn’t enough of it, so something tells me that the below is still going to be of help to someone, so let’s dive in. 

The process began many years ago, when I first picked up the book, The Secret. Hungry for change but yet full on fear and laziness, I got sucked into the books explanation of attraction a little prematurely. Of course, like a child I was obsessed with getting what I want as quickly as possible. I mean, who doesn’t. Now whilst the secret is a great tool and usually the reason why anyone ever starts to play with LOA, it really isn’t the most important aspect. The most important aspect is how you feel. Feeling is everything. It’s one thing to think that what you want will come your way but the only way for said things to manifest is to feel as though you already have it. I struggle with this a lot. I’m a classic pisces which means that may feelings can be dictated by something as changing as the weather. It’s taken a while but now I’ve learned to own and control my feelings. This was and continues to be the most paramount lesson in my life. So I do the usual things like take long baths, try and get out for regular exercise and speaking of that, I exercise my right to cut off all of the people whom I find toxic. But I’ll admit, this alone is never enough. 


I’ve depended on some form of benefits my entire adult life. I’ve watched my mother be made disabled through the council housing system which saw us move eight times in seven years, seriously, I have more postcodes that a satnav. And if others are rigged with privilege it seemed as if my DNA was dripping in struggle. So what changed? I’m not quite sure but primarily, I just grew tired of being tired. Also having children has been a major game changer for me. They will not see what I’ve seen and I’ll work my fingers to the bone to be sure of that (although I won’t have to but more on that later) 

I have had to take major risks. 

I won’t lie about that. But what I will do is be honest about the transition. It’s no secret that I packed in a full time job in publishing almost four years ago. But what I don’t often share is the fact that I officially came off any form of benefits August 2018. Yes you read that correctly, So basically, yesterday. Slowly, I was staring to make good money but the fear of lack or our family not being able to make ends meet, meant that I wanted to delay that transition for as long as possible. But the universe grew tried of my fears and offered me jobs with sum’s so large, that it was time to jump out of the boat. So jump I did. And today? I’ve made eighty five thousand pounds in the first six months of being self employed. I’ve all but cleared my personal debt. I have begun to taste a sense of financial freedom which I always want to chop from. Whilst I respect money, I also now understand how it’s abundance or lack was always and will always be in my control and that lesson alone, has made this journey worth it. I don’t share these numbers to be gauche but to be honest. So few of the materials I digest in regard to LOA actually talks numbers. And I spend an awful lot of time flipping through books or listening on Audible thinking yeah, this is great but what is your actual bottom line? Also, am I hearing from someone who came from a place of privilege or am I listening to someone who much like myself came from a minus? Because this I do know, if you come from a place of privilege, of any kind, it’s really easy to get on board with the idea of LOA because subconsciously that’s how that very privilege has you rigged and has now become part of your DNA. And that’s great. But what about me? What about people like me, who were starting with less than nothing? That’s what I’m interested in. 

As I mentioned in the earlier blog post, I started small. I made tiny changes to my day to day life which I thought showed the universe that I was ready for a change. I took more pride in my surroundings and interiors. Whenever I could afford it, I splurged on a more expensive shower gel or foot cream (listen sis, after years of just using whatever cream I could find, luxury skincare products have been a REVELATION!) I even tried to widen my social circle, purposefully spending more time with those I admired but hadn’t given the chance because their success scared the crap out of me. Unsurprisingly, the universe has been rising up to meet me. All of a sudden I can afford luxury skincare or I’m often sent them for free and one of the women I admire recently sent me a picture she had blown up of me wearing one of her branded t-shirts on the wall in her office space. So now, I’ve come to see this as game. 

The universe is like a genie who never runs out of wishes. My only job is to ask, believe and then receive. I find one of the most common things people do, as I used to do it too, is to put so much energy in trying to figure out how they are going to get what they desire that said panic only translates energetically as disbelief, immediately cancelling out their blessings. I have learned that it is not my duty to question how what I want reaches me but just to expect it to already be there. And to me, it’s become a never ending game, which I always win so lately, I’ve really ramped it up.

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For instance, late last month I stayed in the most ridiculous hotel I could clap eyes on, on The price for a night, in my eyes, was so high, that it caused a visceral physical reaction. (shortly after booking it, I broke out in hives) But I was adamant to face my fear of spending such a’ridiculous’ amount (because that is relative) on a luxurious night in a hotel, in the eye. Booking that stay was me decreeing and declaring to the universe that not only was I worth it, I was also willing to put my money where my mouth is.

To be crystal clear, I’m not telling you to spend money you don’t have or go into debt chasing a lifestyle which hasn’t arrived yet, but what I am begging you to do is take risks. It could be as small as something like toilet roll. Always go for the own brand value pack? Girl, go for the Andrex. Always do your own manicure? Book time at a salon. Talk yourself into thinking that ‘rice at home’ tastes better than that ‘fancy meal’? Book the table! In whichever way you can, find ways to slowly start living the life you desire. The universe cannot determine what is the ‘truth’ and what is a ‘lie’ so there is no need to even fake it until you make it, because the space in which you live believes you’ve already arrived no matter how fraudulent you feel.

Another thing I have done and always encourage others to do is asses their diet. What are you ingesting ma’am? No, not that one but the one that feeds you mentally and spiritually. Are you engaging with material based on where you want to be? Or are you still philandering with things that tie you to your past? It’s important that conversations supporting lack of any kind are nipped in the bud. I only speak booked and busy. I only listen to abundance. Calls dripping in drudgery or despondency automatically get forwarded to voicemail. Now I’m not telling you to never have another down day or cut off your mate who just can’t seem to catch a break. That would be like me telling you to never indulge in fast food. But what I am demanding is that we see how just like your food diet, we can’t give into the bad more than the. good. It’s the universal 80/20 rule. The world responds to the same thing. As long as you can seek to think and feel good, eighty percent of the time, the universe has to fall in line.


I find that books, specifically of the audio kind work really well for me. Whenever I feel myself slipping down into a lower vibration or in less hocus pocus terms just having a bad, ungrateful attitude I usually turn to a book. I often have five titles on the go at once and I pick up my phone and listen to something which I know is going to put me in a good mood. Whilst I of course do recommend a classic like The Secret, I do also recommend this book ‘Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting’ if you really want to get into understanding how feeling as if you’re already living the life of your dreams is way more important than chanting or crystals. Be warned the author and narrator is a little shouty but I think it’s because she really wants you to get it. Also I won’t lie at first I found her a little vacuous but Jen Sincero is great at making the LOA less hippy dippy and more relatable. And can be a great starting point with books if you really want to begin to tap into power of manifestation. 

When it comes to supporting acts such as crystals there is so much material on the market which can help you get over your fear of not getting it right. One person I always recommend is Katie Jane Wright who runs AndCrystals. I say this because I’ve actually met her and I’m not good at much but when it comes to judging someones character both my friends and and Papa b have unknowingly made people stand before me so I could give them them an energetic look over and I’ve never been wrong. Katie-Jane is as pure as they come and was doing this way before it became trendy. She respects crystals and how they can aid people through their lives and so I would defiantly encourage starting with her findings. My favourites are Amethyst as I find it helps clear my intuitive path. Rose Quartz as it quite literally makes me feel and give more love. And I keep a small citrine rock in my purse to keep that money bag energy flowing. 

Another tool which seems to be having a new moment in the spotlight is tarot readings. It seems as if you can’t scroll three images on Instagram without someone saying moon rising this or sun rising that. I’ve always been interested in horoscopes but I’m very aware that just because people have a new hobby, it doesn’t mean they’re gifted. Another woman I can wholeheartedly say has had a positive impact on my life is Leona Nichole Black. I’ll be honest, I can be a little biased as we have known each other for years but one reading with her (actually if you’re feeling skeptical just tap into her general horoscope readings to have your wig snatched) will leave you spinning. She has a frank but mothering approach which means no matter what shows up she will remind you that you already have the tools within to handle it. 


As absurd as it may seem as it’s technology based one thing which I’ve only recently found is an app called ‘The Secret to Money’. A branch from ‘The Secret’ brand, this app promises to help you change your money mindset. I’ve only been using it for a month and the results have been astounding. Not solely in creating more money but also more importantly helping me temper my anxiety about where it will come from. Seeing certain figures written down and being able to spend large sums in the ‘spiritual’ before receiving in the physical has been very, very powerful. I usually tap into this app just before meditating. My meditation practice is very flexible and I choose a programme on headspace based on however I’m feeling at the time. I sit for 10 or fifteen minutes at a time and I always, always finish a session felling better and more connected than when I started. When I want to specifically mediate on abundance, I use this guided meditation which I stumbled across on youtube. 

In the first blog post I mentioned the power of writing things down. This has not and won’t ever change. At the top of the year I ripped some old cheques from a discarded cheque book and wrote cheques to myself from various business and companies whom I hoped would pay me to work with them this year, As of last month I removed the final cheque from my purse as EVERY SINGLE DEAL HAS come to fruition with no exceptions. I am still blown away by how powerful that trick is. So I’ve been a bit cocky and simply replaced it with a cheque for ONE MILLION POUNDS. I know, ballsy right? And as promised I won’t be removing that cheque until it comes to pass. What I’ve found in regards to manifesting anything but for example sake let’s say money, there is no extra energy needing to be exerted wether you’re trying to manifest a fiver or five million. A little bit like how it is not your business to be consumed with how something is coming to you, the universe is not rationing what it gives you in regards to what energy you’re putting in, it only understands what you’ve asked for. So I’ve taken my own advice and decided to up the ante this year. I want my million pounds. And I have absolutely no doubt that I will get it.


One thing that the above has taught me to understand is that we need not work ourselves to the bone nor be on the brink of nervous breakdown in order to live the life we desire. It literally is right there. This isn’t to say that these practices won’t stop the unthinkable from happening. War still rages, loved ones still die, there is still no cure for Cancer or AIDS. But these things have helped me through the most unthinkable times, whether I knew I was tapping into them or not. Now that I am in tune with my ‘higher’ self, I can promise you that I will never come down. Life is just so much better up here. I feel light. I feel magnetic. Heck, I feel like a wizard. 

I cannot end this post without being frank about the one thing now tying this all together. I have very recently began to have therapy. All the manifesting in the world won’t release you from some certain traumas. You will know if you need to but sometimes there are things which we have been through in life which need more certified medical attention.  There isn’t enough sage in the world which can replace you working through things with a trained therapist. I have learned that at the root of all limiting beliefs is usually trauma. 

Now before I bounce, I have to say that you still need to do you. Take what you want from this blog post and leave the things which you just aren’t comfortable with. Start slow and find ways to work the magic in ways which help you connect with your own desires no matter what they are. Because trust me babygirl, the universe already thinks you’re worth it. It’s just waiting for you to feel the same.