Full On Flex - #AD

I don’t want to feel like I’m forcing it. And I mean that about a lot of things, including this blog post. My mind and body have been a bit all over the place lately. My thoughts are scattered and my attention span is shorter than ever. The only thing I’ve been slowly able to keep track of is eating better especially since I’m on the Weight Watchers Flex plan. Also if you’ve been an online friend of mine long enough you will know that I enjoy working out. I’m on week 8 of a nine week couch to 5k plan (by the time of publishing this post it will be likely that I will have completed the programme) and with every run, even the ones that don’t go to plan, I feel so much better. 

In order for me to get the most out of my miles (look at me talking like a proper runner!) I know I have to fuel myself with good stuff, but between a four year old, five month year old, deadlines and trying to keep a harmonious home, I always end up eating breakfast at 1pm and bingeing on biscuits until the inevitable takeaway. I often find myself frustrated because I love fresh food and I enjoy vegetables and fruit, none of it is too much but I’m just not so great at the prepping. So I’ve been turning to recipe books a lot of late and one that has been great for whipping up quick lunches and dinners last minute has been the Weight Watchers Flavours Book. I’m a sucker for king prawns so the king prawn and linguine recipe has become a firm favourite with not only myself but Esmé too. That has been one of the most important parts of this journey so far. 

I’ve noticed she no longer hovers around the ‘treat’ draw but will instinctively ask for fruit if she’s feeling peckish. She’s also been known to now nick pieces of broccoli off of people’s plates. Whilst I’ll tame the light fingered side of her at least she’s developing healthy habits. 


Food aside, let’s get down to business. I have no yearning to disclose my weight. Not because those numbers make me feel ashamed but because I know a lot of women are on journeys of their own and I don’t want to make it about those kinds of numbers. But the other day something strange happened. I had to order some clothes for a job coming up and without hesitation I picked everything in a size 16 barring my favourite piece which was only available in a 14. I loved it so much I took the risk and asked them to send that also. Low and behold the size 14 fit and everything else is a little too big. So as we all know there are ways to see if our efforts towards getting back into clothes we love are working without tying ourselves to a number on a scale especially as I know that the Weight Watchers Flex plan goes beyond the scale. All I want to do is wear one of my favourite dresses for Christmas dinner this year! Is that too much to ask? Of course it’s not. I know what I want and I know how to get there but I’m not going to chastise myself for eating anything as that’s never a good way to go about it. But I will aim to find ways to ensure that I’m fuelling my body with more veggies than deep fried snickers (I’ve never tried one are they any good?) most of the time. I don’t think anything bad can come of that. 


*this blog post is a part of a paid partnership with Weight Watchers UK