Getting Creative With Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate - #AD

I feel like Christmas has snuck up on me this year. With the whole giving birth situation in the first quarter and then work and Esme starting school it feels as though the festive season has popped out of nowhere. Not that I’m complaining, as it really is, my most favourite time of year. But still  I had to twist Papa B’s arm into getting the tree out of the outhouse because the spiders where we live are on steroids, I mean completely huge. I think he thought I was overdoing it until one fresh morning I asked him to grab my bike out of the shed and he came back to confirm that he wouldn’t be going in there that often as the spiders are ‘huge’. So better late than never the tree is finally up and the household seem to be getting into the festive spirit. 


On the side of presents, the grown up’s are making more of a conscious effort to buy less tat. It can be so easy to feel pressured to buy a lot which sadly will perhaps end up in a landfill. So this year, we all a greed that two presents max will suffice and we would concentrate on getting high quality items which we all really need, especially for when it comes to the kids. 

Speaking of the kids with there being so many little people in our family now, (ok so there are only three but my word when their together it feels like 30!)  it feels wicked to start some traditions like, building Gingerbread houses, matching PJ’s on Christmas eve but most importantly gathering around the fire with a Hot Chocolate. Hot Chocolate has always been one of my favourites. I remember as a young girl being forced to drink something of the malt variety and Hot Chocolate being regarded as a treat. Years later and now being a mother myself I love being able to crack open the iconic purple tin and give Esme the same treat which gave me such a thrill as a child.

So when Cadburys reached out asking me to get creative with their hot Chocolate, I didn’t have to think twice. I had a quick rummage around the kitchen and found that I had all I needed at my disposal. 

We’ve recently made the transition to oat milk and I wondered if this would alter the taste slightly but I need not have worried. After warming the milk, I scooped two generous heaps of Hot Chocolate into the mug and stirred away. Once the dust had settled (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!)


I went about having fun with the whipped cream. Now it took me a few goes but I noticed the perfect finish is all in the wrist work. To top it off I went with marshmallows (standard), Christmas, themed sprinkles (raised the bar) and EDIBLE GLITTER (I know, your mind is blown) which I usually reserve to add some shimmer and shine to cakes I’m decorating.

With that all done, i was left with the most indulgent looking Hot Chocolate, all that was left was to light the fire, which happened to be the first fire of the season. 


I’m not quite done with the Christmas shopping, although this year I’ve made the decision to order all our food pre cooked as last year was a complete disaster. When I mentioned that on Instagram, I was happy to hear that so many of you felt the same. This time of year should not be spent slaving over a cooker and not being that happy with the outcome. But it should be more about spending time with your love ones and being grateful for the time that has passed, whilst  looking forward to the things to come. And whilst the fire is optional, you can never say no to a mug of Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate.