Spectacle Wearer of The Year Awards - #AD

It’s funny to think that there was a time I couldn’t see clearly, my grandparents often commented that I used to actually sit inside the TV and it was then they realised I should perhaps have my eyes tested. I remember my father having tears in his eyes when the optician first found the correct prescription he would later tell me that it was clear I was seeing the world for the first time. 


Of course, glasses weren’t what they are now. Whilst they weren’t the horrendous styles of the 1980’s, there still wasn’t a platform of fashionable options available meaning of course wearing glasses often made me a target for some harsh words in the playground. So I kid you not, when Specsavers asked me to be part of their #LoveGlasses squad I couldn’t help but giggle. The child in me could not have foreseen this (pun intended) 

As part of the squad I was invited to the ‘Spectacle Wearer of The Year Awards’ which took place in Central London. It was a celebrity heavy guest list, with many a fashion moment happening. Seriously my head was like a revolving door, trying to take mental pictures of all the terrific outfits I saw. What I couldn’t help but notice is how many people clearly used their glasses to finish off their outfits.  No longer are they just functional, for many, glasses are what a hat or handbag is to others.


Personally I’ve always favoured contact lenses but as I get a little older and spend an insurmountable amount of time at screens, I’m noticing that I’m spending extended periods of time wearing my frames. And with the fantastic range now available at Specsavers, it doesn’t bother me one bit. The particular pair I’m pictured wearing are by Balmain (I feel like I should add a ‘sweetie darling’ after saying that) and I think they are incredibly sassy. I literally feel like Oprah whilst wearing them and that’s never a bad thing! 


After we were seated for dinner, it was time to listen to some remarkable stories. The one which touched me the most was one about a six year old boy whose two brain tumours were detected early on in their development simply by the optician picking up on some swelling in his eye. Even though I had worn glasses all my life, I had not noted how important checking up on our eye health is at helping detect things which can perhaps be more sinister. The Specsavers partner, Pratish Bhundia who helped to save his life picked up the coveted Dame Mary Perkins Award for Professionalism and Expertise, and rightfully so. 


It’s important to note that it’s not all posing and prosecco. The night actually aims to raise a tonne of money for Kidscape Charity, a charity who aims to provide children, families, carers and professionals with advice, training and practical tools to prevent bullying and protect young lives. It felt like a full circle moment for not just myself but many of the award winners who admitted that they were bullied at school for the same reason they, were now collecting an accolade. 

Isn’t life funny? 

Sometimes we just need a little help seeing the funny side. And for help with that, I suggest you go to Specsavers!