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#AD Celebrate friendship with Birchbox 

I have so few that I would call friends that I could quite literally count them on one hand. But those I hold in my palm, I hold in very high regard. 

Especially being a black woman, my circle of friends is very important to me. It’s important that I’m able to have open and honest communication and that I know the people I call friends will raise me up when I can’t see the woods from the trees and also give me a soft dragging if I get too ahead of myself. 

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Forever Friends? - updated!

I have also come to accept that true friendship is bound by no human idea of time. I have not blessed my eyes on someone I regard to be one of my best friends for almost two years. Regardless of space between us, I know that should the chips fall where they may, there isn’t a thing we wouldn’t do for each other and I feel so privileged to have experienced that depth of friendship in my lifetime. Aside from him, I’m also very blessed to have a sister whom I trust implicitly. Should I have the overwhelming urge to curse someone out of their name, she is the fist number I call. As a child, I couldn’t predict that I was actually living with my #BESITE but that’s what she has become to me. 

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