The Snowman.

It really is beginning to look a little like Christmas and there is no bigger kid in the house than I. 

My Dad always made Christmas a day to remember and when Esme was born I felt it only right that she too got to experience the magic that my father created. So yes she still believes in Santa, writes a list and is now over the moon we have a chimney as in our old flat she was concerned that Mr.Claus would not be able to get through her window! 

Since time began The Snowman has been part of our family tradition. Even before I was a mother, it was one of those Christmas movies which were not to be missed and I know Christmas 2017 will be no different. 


This year she was sent the most wonderful box from The Official Snowman which was bursting with gifts that would make not just any child but also any adult smile. 

Never one to pass up the opportunity to re-gift, I’ve firmly made her choose which bits to hand over to her cousin and was very impressed by her willingness. But the things she has decided to keep are absolutely cracking. 

My personal fav’s are the Snowdog Christmas Tree decoration (I’ve never had a ‘proper’ decoration before. It all feels so adult!) and her personalized book which replaces The Boy with an illustration which made her gasp ‘Look, mum, it’s me!’ Those tiny touches really do make all the difference and have since had friends who have purchased books for the little people in their lives also. 

Admittedly, I cajoled Esme into sharing the Biscuiteers snowman cookie - it was divine but over far too quickly, so be sure to buy a few more than you think you’ll want to gift unless you can suffer the embarrassment of handing over a cookie with snowman’s head missing!



It’s been a busy few weeks which have unsurprisingly led to us all feeling a little run down and under the weather. Whilst trying to fight the the sniffles with snuggles, we decided to crack open the Snowman DVD and jump into bed. It was a really sweet moment, with Esme narrating almost 3/4’s of the film before crashing. Speaking of crashing, she’s found a new sleepover buddy in The Snowman teddy and it’s given me a chance to put all her other friends on a hot wash, so I couldn’t be happier! 

And Papa B? He’s just here for the chocolate

With such a great selection of both ‘main’ gifts and stocking fillers, I encourage everyone to check out The Snowman range this Christmas. 

Lastly, anyone else praying for a white one?!

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